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May | Bluebells | Nectar

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Wicked Seeds

Nectar 60% SW Merino | 20% Yak | 20% Silk | 100G | 400 yds


Bluebells have been another popular flower that signifies the beginning of Spring. These small delicate blue flowers may look harmless but should be feared as much as they are admired. It is said they are full of magic and when rung these bells summon fairies but any mortal who hears them shall be fated to die before the gathering begins. Or that anyone who wanders into a ring of Bluebells will fall into an endless enchanted sleep.

If the fae are not the ones to end the victim the scillaren inside these bell-shaped flowers will. Exposure to this chemical lowers the pulse and causes an irregular heartbeat. Historically herbalists have recommended to prevent nightmares but due to the poisonous nature of this plant the only sleep that will come because of this flower will be a permanent one.

Not every part of this plant is as deadly as some plant covered previously. The sap that is created from the bulb can be used as a glue, once to bind fletchings to arrows and more currently for book binding as the insecticide nature of the sap prevents insects from damaging the pages.


While each color has its own specific recipe every skein is individually hand dyed and hand painted which may cause colors to vary in distribution.
If using more than one skein in a project I recommend alternating skeins.

Care information

Machine Wash Gentle. Lay Flat to Dry