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December | Angel's Trumpet | Nectar

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Wicked Seeds

Nectar 60% SW Merino | 20% Yak | 20% Silk | 100G | 400 yds

Angel's Trumpet


Angel's Trumpet, or Brugmansia, is a tree  or shrub from South America getting its name from the large trumpet shaped flowers that hang from its branches, They are typically white but can also come in shades of peach, scarlet, and bright greens. The fragrance from this shrub is so strong that one flower in a closed room can bring on irritation and headaches. The pollen of this plant is the most used because of its hallucinogenic properties. This plant became extremely popular in the Victorian era as a houseplant, they would drink their tea beneath the plant, tapping the pollen into their drinks resulting in an LSD like high that were said to be 'Terrifying rather than pleasurable'  
The flower is not the only dangerous part of this plant, all bits of it are highly poisonous. Brugmansia stimulates the nervous system then depresses it bringing on delirium, incoherent speech and convulsions eventually leading to unconsciousness. The Chibchas in Columbia would mix the plant with maize beer and tobacco leaves and give it to the wives and servants after a chieftain or warrior died to put them into a coma before burying them alive with the deceased. 
Despite the horrors it can bring on through its history and hallucinations it has been an important part in many Andean and Amazonian tribes. For thousands of years being used to bridge the gap between the human and spiritual world, work in coming of age ceremonies and commune with ancestors.


While each color has its own specific recipe every skein is individually hand dyed and hand painted which may cause colors to vary in distribution.
If using more than one skein in a project I recommend alternating skeins.

Care information

Machine Wash Gentle. Lay Flat to Dry