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November | Moonseed | Nectar

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Wicked Seeds

Nectar 60% SW Merino | 20% Yak | 20% Silk | 100G | 400 yds



This woody viney plant grows along the whole of the east coast in thickets and wet woodlands. With leaves and climbing tendencies similar to wild grapes the Moonseed plant can be easily mistaken for the harmless fruit but the dark berries and crescent moon shaped seed of the plant are not as innocent as the fruit they are mistaken for. Eating this plant can lead to nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, but coming in contact with the stem and leaves can cause skin irritation. 

Like many other poisons we have talked about these plants were also historically used as medicines. The seed has been used in medicines as a muscle relaxer, and laxative. The stems have been an ingredient in salves to help heal skin sores.


While each color has its own specific recipe every skein is individually hand dyed and hand painted which may cause colors to vary in distribution.
If using more than one skein in a project I recommend alternating skeins.

Care information

Machine Wash Gentle. Lay Flat to Dry