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January | Hellebore | Nectar

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Wicked Seeds

Nectar 60% SW Merino | 20% Yak | 20% Silk | 100G | 400 yds



More specifically Black Hellebore, a well know and widely spread plant across Europe is part of the Ranunculus family and has a familiar toxic cousin, the buttercup. While it’s flowers range from white, pinks and greens with some dark variations the name comes not from the flower but from the roots. There is also a ‘white’ hellebore that is actually a false hellebore and while that is also very toxic not related to this flower we are talking about today at all.

Every part of this plant and all plants in this family are highly toxic and has a long history of use including warfare. Ancient Greeks would use this flower to contaminate the water source of Cirrha during a seige by soaking bundles of the plant in the canals leading into the city.

Handling Hellebore can result in skin irritation, if eaten it can cause burning of the throat and mouth, even smelling can cause burning to the nasal passages.

As with many of the plants in the Wicked Seeds this flower historically became popular with both witches and doctors alike. It was said Hellebore had the capacity transfer its poisonous properties to alter another plant that was usually benign, ideal for blighting or cursing. Doctors claimed they used it to ‘ cure’ illnesses that were inflicted by witchcraft and those possessed by the Devil. Around the same time plants like St. John’s Wort was given the same attributes.


While each color has its own specific recipe every skein is individually hand dyed and hand painted which may cause colors to vary in distribution.
If using more than one skein in a project I recommend alternating skeins.

Care information

Machine Wash Gentle. Lay Flat to Dry